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Vocal Lessons

Singing shouldn't be a mystery! In lessons, we work to free your voice, exposing a seamless range while maintaining a core sound based on your optimal speaking voice. 

The lessons are highly technical, and we work through singing basics and vocal anatomy, taking the “guesswork” mentality out of your singing. 

Lessons are 45 minutes long and are approximately 20 minutes of technique (I break it down into very easy tidbits) and 20 minutes of repertoire. We can work on music you love and I will make recommendations in the lesson too. 


The technique I teach can be applied to all styles of music: opera, jazz, theater, and pop. Finding your unique, natural sound is my priority. So is finding YOU in your music.​


I have a Masters Degree in Opera from the Manhattan School of Music, but I personally sing Opera, Broadway, Jazz, Pop, and Blues. I love and welcome all styles and have worked in most of them.


I work with singers of all ages (from children to adults) and all skill levels (I have several students just beginning and several starring on Broadway)!


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There's a lot to consider, but I'm only a message away. If this all sounds good but you have some questions for me, reach out.

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